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About Ansell Pharmaceuticals

Ansell Pharmaceuticals Limited is a local pharmaceutical concern with interests in distribution and wholesaling of pharmaceuticals and surgical products in Kenya.

The company’s mission is anchored on the provision of quality and reasonably priced pharmaceutical,surgical,lab products and medical equipment with an underlying principle of meeting customer needs. We therefore are committed to providing as wide a variety of these products as possible.

Strong and reliable management resources and processes.
Consistent financial growth and discipline.
Thorough knowledge of the market.
Established customer and credible supplier relations.
Rapid and proactive decision making organizational structure.

Extensive regional expansion opportunities.
Internet based marketing and distribution.
Continued expansion of the range of products by partnering with new suppliers.
Acquisition or takeovers of already registered lines

Our Mission
"To honourably service the pharmaceutical and health management needs of the East African community by providing quality medicine and health management solutions at a fair price coupled with an unequalled customer-first attitude"

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